As the premier photo book app for Apple, Motif can automatically create a gorgeous photo project for you in a matter of seconds.Its smart technology will select your very best images with optimal focus, clarity, lighting, people, image orientation, panoramas, and much more.
You can, of course, customize the photo project to your heart’s delight. Either way, Motif will curate your photos with modern layouts and elegant themes. Since Motif runs as a native extension in Apple Photos, there’s no need for exporting your photos.

Create Your Photo Projects with Motif

Photo Books
Photo Calendars
Photo Cards
Experience the joy of creating personalized photo projects with Motif. Our photo book app seamlessly works with Photos in macOS, doing the heavy-lifting while leaving the creative freedom to you.

Tell Your Story
with Ease

Native Extension

Start creating right away.

Motif runs natively inside Apple Photos on macOS. No exports, transfers, or uploads required. Create your custom photo books, cards, and calendars with just a few clicks. Use your existing photo albums, smart albums, and memories. In addition, easily access the premium editing tools of Apple Photos for macOS.

Elegant Photo Album Themes

Express yourself on every page.

Choose from a variety of colors, patterns, and design aesthetics, from whimsical to elegant sophistication and everything in between!

Intelligent Image Selection

Great stories begin with the best photos.

Motif’s intelligent technology automatically analyzes each of your photos. It checks focus, clarity, lighting, people, faces, image orientation, panoramas, duplicates, and much more. Only the best images are recommended to build your photo story.

Intuitive Work Flow

Experience the joy of creating.


Create a photo project in seconds with Autoflow.

Motif can automatically flow your best photo images through 80+ professionally built layouts. It balances image orientations and optimizes centering and cropping of each image. In seconds, review your personalized photo book, card, or calendar with rich texture, diverse layout, and exceptional design. Tell your story, with ease.

Smart Recommendation

Total transparency while customizing your photo projects.

Smart Recommendation show real-time stats about your personalized photo book project. Know how many pages and images you have. Dynamically adjust your photo project price based on your desired page count, image count, and images per page.

Manual Creation

Make it like you like it.

Bring your vision to life just how you imagine it. Add photos right where you’d like them. Choose from professionally created layouts, or create your own. Add a splash of color and patterns to your photo project backgrounds. When you manually create your photo projects with Motif, you'll enjoy great creative control with easy, intuitive tools.

Create Attractive Layouts for Your Stories

Customize your unique visual landscape.

Page Layout

Adjust your page layouts and watch your photos magically respond.

Considering a change to your photo layout? Simply click, drag, and watch the page magically respond. Try other layout options with the simple click of a button. Motif automatically adjusts page composition and recenters your photos every time.

Customize Your Page’s Background

A pop of color and pattern speaks volumes.

Give your project page a custom look with themed patterns and pops of color—you can choose any shade in the color wheel! Feeling adventurous? Apply a pattern over your choice of background color. Endless possibilities are yours to explore.

A Great Story Comes from Great Editing

Make the most of all your photos and narratives.

Image Editing

Make every photo flawless.

Polish your images with the Photos editor. Remove red eyes, sharpen blurs, and adjust brightness all without leaving Motif. Your edits apply directly to your Motif project in real-time. Powerful tools to help you tell your photo book story.

Image Positioning

Every photo, just as you want it.

Zoom, reposition, rotate, and even swap photos with similar options. Your photo project, your story, exactly the way you want it.

Text Editing

Tell your story as only you can.

Say as little or as much as you like in your personalized photo project. Select a font that matches your story. Let your photos inspire your writing. Complete your stories with your own narrative.

Convert Apple Photos Projects

Pick up where you left off.
Original Image Your Book Converted to Motif
Modified Image Your Apple Photo Book
Your Apple Photo Book
Your Book Converted to Motif

In 2018, Apple sunset its print services. The sun rises again with Motif. Photo book projects you weren’t able to finish there can now be finished here. In just a few clicks, macOS Mojave users can convert their Apple Photos projects into a Motif project with a fairly high degree of accuracy. Project components including layout, page sequences, images, color themes, text, and style will carry over. Your story can be completed with Motif.

Enjoy Your Photo Book Project

Our dedication to excellence came long before our app.

A Heritage of Quality and Trust

Over a decade before Motif’s debut, our parent company, RR Donnelley, began working as the leading global printing partner of Apple. Together, we’ve printed over 75 million customized photo books, calendars, and cards for Apple Photos. Since 1864, RR Donnelley has a rich history as the world’s largest commercial printing supplier.

Carrying on this heritage, Motif uses the same facilities, presses, materials, and processes to deliver top-quality printed photo books, calendars, and cards. Delivering quality remains our mission.

Printing Technology

Your photo book memories deserve the best. Motif uses the best. Our state-of-the-art facilities use cutting-edge technology to produce vibrant photo books, calendars, and cards.

We employ only the best press professionals. We use a premier color management system to ensure perfect color matching. They regularly inspect projects on press to ensure quality. Advanced technology and the trained eye of seasoned professionals work in harmony to deliver the quality your story deserves and handle your memory with respect and care.

Quality Commitment

We deliver outstanding quality, so we leave nothing to chance. Before any photo book project leaves Motif, the Final Quality team carefully inspects on 20+ criteria. We check color, binding, paper quality, and more to ensure you’re happy with the finished piece. If we’re not happy, it doesn’t leave the building. We redo it and send only our best efforts on to you.

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