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You may have heard that Apple has stopped offering print services from within Photos on macOS. This raises many questions for Apple Photos users, especially those who have Apple photo book, calendar, or card projects either in progress or that they would like to revise or reprint.

Motif is an exciting project extension for Photos on macOS that lets you effortlessly create and order beautiful photo books, calendars, and cards.

It converts Apple photo projects to Motif photo projects with the simple click of a button.

Pick up Where You Left Off

If you’re in the middle of creating an Apple photo project, you can simply convert it to a Motif project and continue editing it in Motif. Motif’s advanced conversion capabilities will transfer almost all of Apple’s thematic content, page layouts, images, maps, text, colors, and borders with a high degree of accuracy.

Motif can also convert and edit finished Apple projects. This is a great option for people who have a look they already love and want to continue to use for a travel series, annual gift, yearbook, and more.

Create Gorgeous New Photo Projects in Motif

If you’re just beginning a photo project, now is a great time to make the change to Motif! After downloading Motif from the App Store, simply open Photos on macOS and choose a favorite Album or Memory to start your first Motif photo project.

Motif’s elegant themes, intelligent image curation, sophisticated layout features, and simple, interactive editing make it easy and fun to turn your most cherished memories into gorgeous and lasting photo books, calendars, and cards.

Optimized for Apple’s macOS Mojave

Once your projects have been converted to Motif projects, you’ll have access to Motif’s many exciting features such as intelligent image selection, automatic duplicate removal, and interactive layout editing.

Motif is also optimized for Apple’s macOS Mojave, the latest Apple operating system, and takes full advantage of its new features, including Dark and Light modes, as well as the key Photos on macOS features like image editing.

Apple Quality Continued

Whether you convert an Apple project or create a brand new Motif project, when you receive your delivery you’ll be delighted to see the same breathtaking color and stunning clarity you’ve always enjoyed with Apple. And that’s no coincidence: Motif uses the same facilities, personnel, printing presses, and processes used to produce Apple Photo projects.

We’ve worked behind the scenes globally with Apple since 2005, partnering to print over 75 million customized photo books, calendars, and cards. As a proven leader in the field, we’ve invested in state-of-the-art presses that bring exceptional vibrance and stunning color to our photo products.

Motif Conversion Guidelines
Motif's Newest Release

will initially convert only Apple book projects. Calendar and card conversion will come shortly thereafter. However, all versions of Motif can create new books, calendars, and cards from your favorite memories today.

Motif Versions 1.0–1.6

running on either macOS High Sierra (10.13) or on macOS Mojave (10.14) will not convert Apple projects. These versions can create new Motif projects from images in an existing Apple project but will not include the themes, page layouts, or text.

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