Oh, the places you could glow.

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Miami is a collection of different cultures.
Miami is art.
Miami is crystal sea and kilometer-long beaches.
Miami is pure vitality.
Miami is people who will try to talk at any time of day or night.
Miami is an explosion of colors.
Miami is intense and unexpected.
Miami is a place for me.

When I photograph I always try to capture the emotions that I feel given by people, by the lights, by the smells of a place and so also in these photos I tried to immortalize particularities that have made this city fantastic for me.

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London isn’t just some sleepy village on the River Thames with a little bit of history behind it.

It’s the perfect mix of historical perspective and a city of the future.

No matter which direction you point your camera lens, uniquely London content exists around every corner.

Challenge yourself to photograph well known attractions from a different angle. Make London your own by capturing it through your own lense.

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los angeles

I believe LA is special because it has such a large and diverse array of people from all around the world, who are from many different backgrounds of life, from craftsman to billionaires you can do whatever you want in this city, and that’s ultimately a unique quality of this city.

I love to capture “slice of life” type of photos, with so many people living different qualities of life in this city, I enjoy highlighting some of those differences and displaying it in a way a documentarian would in order to give a unique perspective of people’s lives that people ordinarily would never have.

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Nashville is the new New York, the new Hollywood. You can make it or break it here, but it is guaranteed you will fall in love with this city. There are sites and celebrities to see, but we treat everything and everyone just the same. We are a growing city, while keeping the small town feel, and great southern hospitality. We are all different in our own way, but all appreciate the influence of music. It is no longer known just for Country music, we create pop stars, idols, and legends. This city has had its fair share of heartache and pain, but together we recover and heal with the help of our music. All forms of music floods the streets of downtown, submerging all the people and cultures with it. No matter the time, day or night Nashville is Music City.

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I want to encourage people in Barcelona to get to know it better and discover new places, as well as help visitors experience the city in a way only a local can show them.

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new york

New York City is kind of a world in itself. You’ll find the concrete jungle. You’ll find a bit of jungle within. Culture is what really makes this city unique and capturing its essence is what I really enjoy. Classic edifices juxtaposed with world class, modern architecture create unlimited photo opportunities. Getting away from the crowds and finding your own angle is key.

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Eclectic is probably the best way to describe my hometown of Austin, TX. Yes, everything is bigger in Texas. Especially here. Austin City Limits, one of the biggest music festivals in the world, is not only a music lover's dream, but a photographer’s playground as well. Capture the sights, sounds and please don’t forget the smells Austin is famous for. Authentic food. Authentic people. Authentic Texas.

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Paris is a MUSE for me, it's very cosmopolitan, free capital and with magnificent architecture. With each stroll in Paris I have the impression of re-discovering a lot of things.

When i'm walking in Paris I try to be focused on what's going on around me, not just on the big monuments like the Eiffel Tower or the Sacred Heart. I like going through little-known streets and this is where I discover the real Paris. Authentic Paris. The Paris I love.

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