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New Year’s Photo Cards

The end of one year and the beginning of another is always cause for celebrating. It’s an opportunity to look back at one’s achievements. It’s a time to wish friends and family a prosperous new year. It’s also a great excuse to gather for a party.

Custom New Year cards and New Year invitations from Motif help you do all that. 

Personalized Happy New Year cards

Happy New Year cards featuring photos with familiar faces and a note you wrote are way better than store bought cards. One says you bought something while the other says you took the time to create and send something personal. That choice and making New Year’s cards couldn’t be any easier with Motif. 

Model canvas photo book
Photographer canvas photo book
Architect canvas photo book
Fashion designer canvas photo book

Creating New Year Cards and Invitations with Motif

Create a canvas book with Motif on your Mac, iPad, or iPhone

All of this photo printing handiness begins by downloading the free Motif app. It works through your own Apple Photos app where nearly all your pics and memories already reside. 

On your Mac, open Apple Photos and select the photo(s) you want in your card or invite. Right-click and select Create, then Card, then Motif. Choose the size/type of card, then select a fitting theme. Add your text, adjust to your liking, and that’s pretty much it. It’s easy with Motif.

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Designing custom New Year party invitations

Does the idea of empty printer cartridges and manually feeding cardstock into your printer make you wince? With Motif, there’s no need. Use your own photos and Motif’s powerful text tool to create your own cards and invites. Make yours in minutes. 

Extra-large hardcover

New Year’s Photo Card Sizes

Folded Cards

Folded Card 5x7 Front
Folded Card 5x7 Back

5 x 7 inches
12.7 x 17.8 cm

A portrait-style, two-sided, folded photos card. Create your own photo card with customized messages inside and out. Envelope included.

Starting at $179

Folded Card 7x5 Front
Folded Card 7x5 Inside

7 x 5 inches
17.8 x 12.7 cm

A landscape-style, two-sided, folded photo card. Design your own photo card and personalize messages inside and out. Envelope included.

Starting at $179

Flat Cards

Flat Card 4x6 Front
Flat Card 4x6 Back

4 x 6 inches
10.2 x 15.25 cm

A portrait-style, two-sided, flat photo card. A thoughtful way to say thanks, cheers, or just about anything. Envelope included.

Starting at $119

 Flat Card 6x4 Front
Flat Card 6x4 Back

6 x 4 inches
15.25 x 10.2 cm

A landscape-style, two-sided, flat photo card. Perfect for personalized photo invitations, keepsakes, or special events. Envelope included.

Starting at $119

Blue Father's Day photo album

New Year’s Gift Ideas

And while you’re there, Motif can also take all your best photos of the year and create year in review photo books. Or, create a photo calendar to use throughout the coming year. They’re both great gift ideas.

Open Father's Day photo gift

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