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Selecting Page Layouts(0:55)

  1. You can change the layout of almost any page in your photo project. 
  2. To change the layout of the Front Cover, Back Cover, Dust Flap, or an individual page, tap the intended page, then tap the Page Layouts icon to see the available options.
  3. Change the page arrangement by tapping the desired layout from the options presented. 
  4. Layout options include various croppings, groupings, image and text pairings, text only, and blank pages. 
  5. You can also adjust the number of images per page by tapping the Images Per Page option on the right side of the layout panel. You can have between zero to nine images on a given page.
  6. To see more layout options at a time, swipe up on the tab located in the center of the layout tray. 
  7. With Motif you’re in control of every page’s layout!