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Photo Canvas Prints

There are moments when we all surprise ourselves after taking an exceptional photo. It’s shared and liked, but there’s another way to appreciate special imagery. Rescue that stunning or adorable photo from your device and feature it on a wall. Motif canvas prints makes that possible.

In just a few clicks you could put your best photos on canvas. Create photo tiles as little as 10” x 8” or as big as a 36” x 24” photo canvas. Decorate your home and personal spaces with your original art. Custom canvas prints by Motif.

Personalised Canvas Prints

Amazing photography has the power to stir emotions. It can take you back to a special moment in time. Or remind you of someone or someplace special. Yet all too often those images remain hidden, even forgotten on your device.

Canvas printing with Motif transforms your original photo into original art to feature wherever you like. There’s no special training needed to create large canvas prints. All you need is the Motif app and photos special to you.

Model canvas photo book
Photographer canvas photo book
Architect canvas photo book
Fashion designer canvas photo book

How do you create photo canvas prints online?

Create a canvas book with Motif on your Mac, iPad, or iPhone

If you have a Mac, iPhone, or iPad making canvas photo prints is easy. The Motif app works exclusively and seamlessly with Apple Photos. Simply download the app to your macOS or iOS device.

Transforming a photo to canvas on your Mac begins by finding the image in Apple Photos. Under the File menu select Create then Canvas then Motif. A quick tutorial is available to assist. On your iPhone or iPad, simply open the Motif app to put any photo on canvas.

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Make custom photo tiles

Downloading the Motif photo tiles app takes seconds. Creating the perfect photo collage canvas for your home is simple. Fill your home with original art. Start a gallery wall featuring your own canvas photo prints. Collage canvas prints let you display personal art you have real connections to. Special moments on display in photo wall tiles. Stories you can tell oh so well.

Extra-large hardcover

Canvas Sizes

Extra-large hardcover

20 x 25 cm
8 x 10 inches

Perfect for personal or family portraits to display or to give as gifts. A great option to fit your available space.

Starting at €2999
Edge style options available.

Extra-large hardcover

25 x 36 cm
10 x 14 inches

Create stunning visuals to feature anywhere. Ideal for creating multi panel photo displays.

Starting at €3499
Edge style options available.

Extra-large hardcover

41 x 51 cm
16 x 20 inches

Feature your very best photos anywhere you like. Add to or start a gallery wall in your home.

Starting at €5499
Edge style options available.

Extra-large hardcover

61 x 91 cm
24 x 36 inches

Make a statement with our largest available canvas. Display your best photos front and center.

Starting at €8599
Edge style options available.

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