Edit Project

How to Place and edit Images(1:20)

  1. In this video we’ll look at how to place and arrange images in your Motif project.
  2. When in the Edit Page view tap the Image Library icon to bring up the image tray.
  3. Simply press one and drag it to any open frame to add or replace any image on the page. 
  4. The Library Options menu at the upper right of that bar lets you see all the images available, only the placed images used, and the unplaced images you’ve either removed from or didn’t fit in your book.
  5. You can add more images directly from other memories, albums or photos by selecting Add Images in the Library Options menu. 
  6. To change the number of images on a page, tap the Page Layouts icon on the Edit Page view. Press Images Per Page and select between zero and nine images. If you select zero images you can create a blank page or one with text only. 
  7. Tap any image to activate the Single Image Editor. Zoom in and out of that image with a simple pinching or spreading motion with your fingers on your iPhone or iPad screen. 
  8. With your finger, move the image around within the editor frame. 
  9. Tap Done to save any changes.