Edit Project

How to Edit a Single Image(0:51)

  1. You can edit any images in your project in the Image Editor. 
  2. Simply select the page where the image you want to edit is located to enter the Edit Page view. 
  3. Tap the image you’d like to edit directly.
  4. To replace the image, first tap the Image Library icon. 
  5. Select a different picture from the Image Tray below.
  6. The new image will replace the old image after it is dragged into the frame.
  7. Within the image frame, zoom in or out with a pinching or spreading motion with your fingers. Pan left or right or up and down with your finger to capture the image the way you want it. 
  8. Tap Special Effects to apply a custom filter to the image.
  9. Tap Done to apply the changes to the image, or tap Cancel to discard the changes.