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Order Management

I want to order multiple copies of the photo projects that I have already created. How can I change the quantity of an existing order?

You can change the quantity of your order by following these steps:

  1. After you enter payment information on Page 4/5 within Checkout, click "Continue."
  2. This will take you to Page 5/5 of Checkout . On the right side of the same page, you can enter the actual order quantity in its individual box.
  3. Click Update to update the order quantity.

From there, you can continue to click Place Order  with the updated quantity for your order.

How do I order multiple books and cards in one order?

This is not currently possible.  We apologize for any inconvenience. Although you can’t order different books at the same time, you can order multiple copies of the same book.

How can I re-order a previous book I already created?

In Photos, select the Motif project you wish to re-order in the My Projects section of the Photos sidebar.

Once your project has opened, click the Checkout button and complete the checkout process.