Important news about macOS Catalina (Must Read!) | Motif for iOS is here! Download for free from Apple App Store by searching "Motif Photos".
General Inquiries

iOS app

What projects can I create with the iOS app?

At the moment, the Motif iOS app only supports photo books. If you wish to start a card or calendar project, you can do so with Motif on macOS.

Can I share my Motif photo projects across my Mac, iPad, and iPhone devices?

Currently, photo projects cannot be shared across devices.

If you start a project on a MaciPad, or iPhone, you’ll need to complete it on the same device.

Will calendars and cards be added to Motif iOS? 

Yes! We are working diligently to include calendar and card projects to the iOS app and hope to make them available in the near future. 

Can I use the same login for both the macOS and iOS apps?

Absolutely! After creating an account on one of our apps, you will use the same credentials to log into the other. 

Don’t remember your login information? No problem. Just follow these steps: 

  1. Go to the