Place Order

How to place an order(1:55)

  1. Finished creating your ideal photo book?
  2. In Project View, tap the shopping cart icon in the upper right to checkout. A total price based upon the format and number of pages in your book will be displayed as well.   
  3. Motif will run an automated quality check. Please see our quality check video to learn more about this process.
  4. After login or registration, you will arrive at the Order Options page. 
  5. You may change the name of your order here. Please note: changing the name at checkout WILL NOT change the title on the cover of your book. To change please return to the project view and edit the text on the cover directly. 
  6. Next, enter the quantity of the books you want to order. Your itemized Order Summary is here as well. 
  7. Tap Next on the top right, and tell us where to ship your photo book. 
  8. Tap Next again, and choose the speed in which your project will ship. 
  9. Tap Next, enter the billing address here.
  10. Enter your payment method.
  11. Review your project details before tapping Place Order.   
  12. Once placed, a confirmation page gives you tracking information along with your project details. 
  13. Now sit back, relax and let Motif deliver your photo project to your doorstep.