Edit Project

Starting your photo book(1:25)

  1. When you open Motif you’ll be in the My Projects tab. Begin a new project by first tapping either on New in the upper right, or Products in the lower left.
  2. Here you can choose to make either a Hardcover or a Softcover photo book.
  3. Next, pick the size of your book. Please note that you can change these options at any point before placing your order. 
  4. Now, in the Image Source screen, choose from either Memories, Albums, or Photos for the photographic content of your project. 
  5. Memories are collections of images magically created upon opening Motif. These photos are connected primarily by geographic location and time.
  6. Albums contain a list of all the albums you’ve previously created and organized on your device.
  7. Photos contains the full collection of ALL images saved on your device. 
  8. Once your images have been chosen, tap Next. As a reminder, Motif requires at least 20 images to complete a book for ordering. If you select fewer than 20 photos, Motif will ask you if you’d like to start a partial book. A partial book can be customized, but not submitted for order.  
  9. Motif features advanced customization tools which we’ll cover in the next videos!