Edit Project

Starting your photo book(1:25)

  1. When you open Motif you’ll be in the My Projects tab. Begin a new project by first tapping either on New in the upper right, or Products in the lower left.
  2. Here you can choose to make either a Hardcover or a Softcover photo book.
  3. Next, pick the size of your book. Please note that you can change these options at any point before placing your order. 
  4. Now, in the Image Source screen, choose from either Memories, Albums, or Photos for the photographic content of your project. 
  5. Memories are collections of images magically created upon opening Motif. These photos are connected primarily by geographic location and time.
  6. Albums contain a list of all the albums you’ve previously created and organized on your device.
  7. Photos contains the full collection of ALL images saved on your device. 
  8. Once your images have been chosen, tap Next. As a reminder, Motif requires at least 20 images to complete a book for ordering. If you select fewer than 20 photos, Motif will ask you if you’d like to start a partial book. A partial book can be customized, but not submitted for order.  
  9. Motif features advanced customization tools which we’ll cover in the next videos!

Curating your photo book(0:49)

  1. When you’re in the Image Source screen, Motif will ask you if you’d like to create your book using our image curation program.
  2. Motif features an automated curation program which will review your photos and lay them out for you.
  3. We automatically scan for the best images based on various aesthetic criteria and remove any duplicates. Tap “Create Book” to let Motif do its magic and move you to theme selection.
  4. You can also skip this process and choose your photos manually by selecting Review Images
  5. Regardless of how your images are selected, you will still have access to all our wonderful creating tools moving forward. With Motif, you’re always in creative control!

Theme selection & autoflow(1:07)

  1. Once your images have been selected for use in your photo project tap Next to choose the Theme for your book.
  2. Select the Theme which best represents the story you want to tell.
  3. If you didn’t choose to have Motif curate your photos you’ll be asked if you’d like Motif to automatically layout your book with your chosen photos.Curated projects are automatically layed out based on certain aesthetic criteria.
  4. If you want to manually select each photo on each page tap “Do It Myself.” Your project will feature the layout of the theme you have chosen, but you’ll find that there are no images yet inserted. 
  5. If you then decide you’d like some help, no problem, simply tap the Back button to return to the Theme Select menu.
  6. To have Motif automatically lay your book out for you, choose the Autoflow option.
  7. Voila! Our advanced placement feature has selected an optimal arrangement of your selected photos. 
  8. Remember, before you have made any edits to your book you can always go back and choose another theme by pressing the Back button.

Project View(1:11)

  1. Now, after selecting a Theme and after having either Motif autoflow your book or choosing to do it yourself you’ll be in the Project View.
  2. The project view allows you to scroll through your book and see all the pages and placed images at a glance. Let’s take a look at what’s on offer in the project view. 
  3. You’ll find the Home button In the upper left corner of the blue bar. Tap that and you’ll find the rest of your Projects as well as the options to create new projects. 
  4. On the upper right, you can see the Checkout link with the shopping cart icon. When you are happy with your project, tap there to begin the process of bringing your Motif project off the screen and into your hands.  
  5. When in the project view, tap and hold to view pages as individual elements. Once the “X” buttons appear on the corners you can then drag individual pages to rearrange them, or tap that X to Delete a single page.
  6. At the bottom you’ll find the Image Library button and the Book Options button. 
  7. We’ll explain these more in the next video.

Image Library and Book Options(0:57)

  1. At the bottom of the Project View, you will see two buttons: Image Library and Book Options.
  2. Tap the Image Library button to see the image tray. The image tray will display all the images which have been sourced for your project.
  3. On the right hand side of the tray you can filter the tray to display All Images, Placed Images, Unplaced Images, or Add Images
  4. Toggling these filters will help you determine how your selected photos have been utilized within your current project. 
  5. Tapping Book Options allows you to modify the settings you picked when you started your book. 
  6. Here you can Add a Two-Page Spread, Rearrange or Delete Pages, Change your Book Format, or Change your Theme.
  7. We’ll go into these functions in greater depth in later videos.
  8. Next, we’ll look at the specific editing options available in Motif’s Edit Page View.

How to Place and edit Images(1:20)

  1. In this video we’ll look at how to place and arrange images in your Motif project.
  2. When in the Edit Page view tap the Image Library icon to bring up the image tray.
  3. Simply press one and drag it to any open frame to add or replace any image on the page. 
  4. The Library Options menu at the upper right of that bar lets you see all the images available, only the placed images used, and the unplaced images you’ve either removed from or didn’t fit in your book.
  5. You can add more images directly from other memories, albums or photos by selecting Add Images in the Library Options menu. 
  6. To change the number of images on a page, tap the Page Layouts icon on the Edit Page view. Press Images Per Page and select between zero and nine images. If you select zero images you can create a blank page or one with text only. 
  7. Tap any image to activate the Single Image Editor. Zoom in and out of that image with a simple pinching or spreading motion with your fingers on your iPhone or iPad screen. 
  8. With your finger, move the image around within the editor frame. 
  9. Tap Done to save any changes.

How to Style A Page(1:29)

  1. Now let’s look at the elements that compose your book’s style.
  2. To add additional styling to one or multiple pages of your project, tap any page to enter the Edit Page view. 
  3. You’ll see options for Page Layouts, Page Color, and Add Text Box at the bottom of the page.
  4. Tap Page Color to reveal the array of colors you can apply to your page. You’ll find several pre-selected color swatches which coincide with the main colors found in the theme you’ve selected. 
  5. Selecting the Color Wheel allows you to choose any color you can possibly desire! Tap around in the wheel and use the brightness slider located at the bottom to pick the exact right color balance for your page.When you’re satisfied, simply tap Done or swipe to the next page to save your changes.
  6. Voila! Your custom swatch has been added to the color selection bar. This color will be saved so you can easily use it whenever you want.
  7. Tap Show Patterns to see the pattern options available for the Theme you’ve selected. Patterns do not apply to the Portfolio and Image Conscious themes. 
  8. If you would like to apply a style to multiple pages, tap the Apply To button and select which pages you would like the style applied to.. 
  9. To save your changes, tap Done in the upper left. To discard any changes, tap Cancel in the upper right.

Selecting Page Layouts(0:55)

  1. You can change the layout of almost any page in your photo project. 
  2. To change the layout of the Front Cover, Back Cover, Dust Flap, or an individual page, tap the intended page, then tap the Page Layouts icon to see the available options.
  3. Change the page arrangement by tapping the desired layout from the options presented. 
  4. Layout options include various croppings, groupings, image and text pairings, text only, and blank pages. 
  5. You can also adjust the number of images per page by tapping the Images Per Page option on the right side of the layout panel. You can have between zero to nine images on a given page.
  6. To see more layout options at a time, swipe up on the tab located in the center of the layout tray. 
  7. With Motif you’re in control of every page’s layout!

How to Arrange and Add Project Pages(0:49)

  1. You can arrange photo spreads in your project.
  2. When in Project View, you can tap Book Options and select Rearrange or Delete Pages. 
  3. Alternatively you can perform a long tap to bring up the arrange mode, indicated by the “X” buttons appearing on the corners of the pages.
  4. Then, a simple long press on any page lets you drag it to wherever you’d like.
  5. To delete, just tap the X icon and confirm that you’d like to delete it.
  6. To add additional pages select Add Two-Page Spread in the Book Options menu. New pages will not include any images, so you’ll have to add them. You can only add a two-page spread at a time to ensure the book’s format remains consistent. 

Additional Options: Change Book Format, Theme, and Undo(0:58)

  1. In Project View You can make even more adjustments by tapping the Book Options icon in the lower right.
  2. The menu that pops up allows you to Add a Two-Page Spread, Rearrange or Delete Pages, Change your Book Format, or Change your Theme.
  3. Press Change Book Format to select a different size and style book.
  4. If you select Change Theme, Motif will ask if you’d like to Preserve your Layouts or Reflow your Project. Note: If you select to reflow your layouts will all be changed and text and formatting will be removed. So be sure before you choose to reflow!
  5. Lastly, if you make an edit you’re not happy with, the Undo button allows you to reverse only the latest edit you’ve made in your project. After pressing Undo, you can opt to Redo and return it to its previous state.

How to Edit a Single Image(0:51)

  1. You can edit any images in your project in the Image Editor. 
  2. Simply select the page where the image you want to edit is located to enter the Edit Page view. 
  3. Tap the image you’d like to edit directly.
  4. To replace the image, first tap the Image Library icon. 
  5. Select a different picture from the Image Tray below.
  6. The new image will replace the old image after it is dragged into the frame.
  7. Within the image frame, zoom in or out with a pinching or spreading motion with your fingers. Pan left or right or up and down with your finger to capture the image the way you want it. 
  8. Tap Special Effects to apply a custom filter to the image.
  9. Tap Done to apply the changes to the image, or tap Cancel to discard the changes.

How to Add/Edit Text(1:00)

  1. Let’s style some text in your photo project.  
  2. You can add text to nearly every page in your book. Select a page, then tap Add Text Box. Then select the desired text layout option. 
  3. Add your text. 
  4. To style the text in your layout, simply tap the text itself. 
  5. The Edit Text page appears with the existing text. 
  6. Adjust text while in the Content section. 
  7. Tap the Style icon to change Font Family, Weight, Size, Style, Text Color and Text Alignment.  
  8. Now you can personalize any and all pages with whatever message you like!