Edit Project

Additional Options: Change Book Format, Theme, and Undo(0:58)

  1. In Project View You can make even more adjustments by tapping the Book Options icon in the lower right.
  2. The menu that pops up allows you to Add a Two-Page Spread, Rearrange or Delete Pages, Change your Book Format, or Change your Theme.
  3. Press Change Book Format to select a different size and style book.
  4. If you select Change Theme, Motif will ask if you’d like to Preserve your Layouts or Reflow your Project. Note: If you select to reflow your layouts will all be changed and text and formatting will be removed. So be sure before you choose to reflow!
  5. Lastly, if you make an edit you’re not happy with, the Undo button allows you to reverse only the latest edit you’ve made in your project. After pressing Undo, you can opt to Redo and return it to its previous state.