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Import your contacts’ birthdays or import personal calendars or add any other events(1:13)

  1. You can quickly and easily insert your contacts’ birthdays into your calendar by tapping the “Options” icon and then selecting “Import Birthday from Contacts.”
  2. In the window which pops up, simply select the contacts from the list which you would like to include and tap “Done.” Your contact’s birthdays will be added automatically. It’s that simple!
  3. To import your personal calendars in an existing Motif Calendar Project tap the “Options” icon in the lower right. Select “Change Calendar Options,” and at the bottom of the new window you will see the “Import Calendars” feature.
  4. In the “Import Calendars” menu, select from the detected calendars which you would like to include in your calendar and tap “Done” in the upper lefthand corner.
  5. Returning to the “Calendar Options” window, tap “Done” to go into the project view. Just like that your calendar’s saved dates will appear in Motif!
  6. You can always quickly add any additional events by tapping on a specific date and adding your choice of an image or text.