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Mother’s Day Photo Gifts

If Mum says she doesn’t want anything for Mother’s Day, this would be the one day to not listen to her. Just think about all the things she’s done for you. A thoughtful gift is certainly deserving. Motif is in the business of lighting people’s faces up and picture gifts for mum will do just that.

Photo Books, Calendars & Cards

With all those photos of that special Mum in your life, Mother’s Day photo gift ideas can come in several packages. Create a custom Mother’s Day photo card instead of a store-bought one. Tell a touching story of Mum in a photo book full of your best Mum memories. Or, make a custom calendar complete with all your important dates and maybe a Mother’s Day photo collage on a few pages. 

Model canvas photo book
Photographer canvas photo book
Architect canvas photo book
Fashion designer canvas photo book

How to make a custom Mother’s Day gift

Create a canvas book with Motif on your Mac, iPad, or iPhone

Your personalised Mother’s Day gifts begin by downloading the free Motif app to your Mac, iPhone, or iPad. 

On your Mac laptop or desktop, open Photos and select the photos, memories, or albums you’d like in your photo gift for Mum. Right-click or in the File menu select Create, then the photo product you want to make, then Motif.

On your iPhone/iPad, open the Motif app and then select New in the upper right corner, then choose the photo product you want to create. Then choose the images you’d like in your custom Mother’s Day gifts.

Personalised Mother’s Day gift ideas

You’ve already got the makings of a great Mother’s Day gift right on your phone. Open up your Photos app and search for pics of Mum. Photo projects by my Motif let you print your favorite Mum pics. In Motif you can:

  • Select the perfect theme
  • Choose the best size and format
  • Incorporate just about any colour she’d like
  • Style by adding a pattern to the background
  • Add as little or as much text as you’d like
Extra-large hardcover

Find Inspiration in the Blog

Blue Father's Day photo album

Choose unique photo gifts for Mum

There’s a big difference between Mum saying “you bought this” and “you made this?” So make something really thoughtful for Mum with Motif. Give the app a try for free. Purchase what you like.

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Can you send Mother's Day gifts internationally?

Yes. Here’s a list of places we don’t ship to. Yet.

Can I customize a Mother’s Day gift?

Your Mother’s Day photo project is custom the moment you put your own pictures in it. Additionally, you can customize it with colour, themes, patterns, and text.

Can I make a Mother’s Day gift from my phone?

Motif is available on iOS so you can make gifts on your iPhone and iPad.

When is Mother's Day?

Sunday, March 19th

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