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Importing your personal calendar(1:07)

  1. When you are in the Select Calendar Options menu, you will see the option to “Import Calendars.” This allows you to automatically transfer over your saved dates, birthdays, and additional appointments from an existing calendar into your Motif calendar. Tap “Done” and you will be returned to the Calendar Options menu
  2. Your imported calendar dates will now automatically display on your calendar!
  3. You can do this when creating your calendar project for the first time, or add it to a previously existing Motif Calendar Project.
  4. In an existing Motif Calendar Project tap the “Options” icon in the lower right. Select “Change Calendar Options,” and at the bottom of the new window you will see the “Import Calendars” feature.
  5. In the “Import Calendars” menu, select from the detected calendars which you would like to include in your calendar and tap “Done” in the upper lefthand corner.
  6. Upon returning to the “Calendar Options” window, tap “Done” to go into the project view.