Get Started

Download and Launch the Motif iOS App(0:38)

  1. To download Motif iOS, first open up the App Store on your iPhone or iPad. 
  2. In the search bar type “Motif Photos,” and tap search.
  3. In the results, select the Motif Photos App.
  4. Tap the download button to add Motif for your phone or tablet.Remember: Motif is completely free to download!
  5. Once Motif is downloaded, tap the “Open” button.
  6. Congratulations! You’re now ready to start creating beautiful photo stories with Motif!

Getting Started(1:20)


  1. When you start Motif, it launches with the “My Projects” page. You can tap on either the “New” button at the top right of the screen, or the “Products” button at the lower left of the screen to start a new project.
  2. On the Product page, tap “Photo Calendars.”
  3. Now you can set-up your calendar’s options. Motif allows you to customize the month and the year your calendar will start. You can plan your calendar 3 years ahead of time.
  4. Then, choose on which day you’d like to start the week in your calendar.
  5. Next, pick the length of your calendar. It can last anywhere between twelve and twenty-four month
  6. Next, choose the language.
  7. You can select from a list of pre-programmed national holidays to display on your calendar. Or, if you prefer, you can opt to display none. With Motif, it’s up to you!
  8. Lastly, Motif allows you to quickly and easily import your own personal calendar! We’ll cover this in greater detail in the next video.
  9. When you’re all set. Tap “Next” in the upper right hand corner when you’re ready to start adding images to your calendar!