Edit Project

Change a month’s image and text layout(1:19)

  1. Select the month you want to edit by tapping on its name at the bottom of the calendar preview image. It will highlight in blue.
  2. Tap on the “Layout” icon in the bottom bar.
  3. In the new Layout window, at the bottom of the screen you can choose how many images to feature on this month. Motif allows up to 9 images per month.
  4. Scroll through the layout options and choose the arrangement of image and text which tells your story the best!
  5. Once you’ve selected the layout, you’ll return to the calendar view. Tap on the image frames to choose a new image or to edit the already placed image.
  6. Select the image you want from the tray at the bottom. You can further edit the image by tapping on the “Effects” icon beneath the photo tray.
  7. In the ‘Edit image’ screen you may apply a filter and also re-size and apply filters to your image. Tap done to apply your changes.
  8. If you picked a layout that includes text, tap it to edit. You’ll be brought to the “Edit Text” screen. Here you can type whatever you wish, and then modify using the “Style” icon at the bottom of the screen.
  9. When you’re satisfied, tap “Done.” That’s it!