Create a Customized Apple Picture Book for Weddings and More

We take thousands of photos of our favorite moments. Your little one’s first steps. Bringing home that adorable puppy.Your parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. Candid shots from everyday moments or carefully planned celebrations. They’re cherished stories of your life.

Give your stories a home. A place you can always visit and easily share them. A high-quality, personalised photo album can bring your life's stories home. With Motif, creating your very own personalised photobook is a breeze. Download and open Motif directly in Apple Photos in macOS. Or, onto your iPhone in iOS. Then, let your creativity shine.

Your Story is Unique

Fit the perfect photobook to your story, not the other way around.

Your story is like no other. At Motif, we want your story told. Tell it with personalised photobooks in all shapes and sizes. Hard, or soft cover. And as long, or short as it takes. Tell it here.

Hardcover Sizes

  • Create a Motif Apple Picture Book for all Different Seasons

    33 x 25 cm

    13 x 10 inches

  • Create a Motif Apple Photo Book for all Different Seasons

    28 x 21.5 cm

    11 x 8.5 inches

  • Create a Summer Picture Book with Our Easy-to-Use App

    25 x 25 cm

    10 x 10 inches

  • Create a Motif Summer Photo Book with Our Easy-to-Use App

    20 x 20 cm

    8 x 8 inches

Extra-large Hardcover

Maximize your best moments with our largest, most luxurious format.

Starting at 104999 CZK

With dust jacket and
photo-wrap cover

Large Hardcover

Celebrate cherished moments in this coffee table centerpiece.

Starting at 63999 CZK

With dust jacket and
photo-wrap cover

Extra-large Square Hardcover

Modern and chic, our square format compliments your photobook collection.

Starting at 84999 CZK

With dust jacket and
photo-wrap cover

Square Hardcover

Modern and chic, yet slightly smaller square format for your photobook collection.

Starting at 52999 CZK

With dust jacket and
photo-wrap cover

Softcover Sizes

  • Create a Family Picture Book Album with Our Easy-to-Use App

    28 x 22 cm

    11 x 8.5 inches

  • Create a Customized Apple Photo Book with Our Easy-to-Use App

    20 x 15 cm

    8 x 6 inches

  • Create a Personalized Apple Photo Book with Our Easy-to-Use App

    20 x 20 cm

    8 x 8 inches

Large Softcover

Our premium, flip-friendly format to display your treasured memories.

Starting at 42999 CZK

Medium Softcover

Our most compact and flexible format perfect for any photobook story.

Starting at 20999 CZK

Square Softcover

Square and chic, flip-friendly, fits your memories just about anywhere.

Starting at 31999 CZK

Go Ahead, Judge Your Book by Its Cover.

Maybe it’s a luxurious extra-large hardcover to be that coffee table centerpiece? Or, a compact softcover to display neatly on a bookshelf. Alone or part of a set. So many options to choose from, fitting perfectly with your story, budget, and style.

Customize Your Hardcover Apple Photo Book

Customise Your Photobook Covers

Surprise friends and family with a familiar face on the cover. Add a fitting title. Invite them in with a few favourite photos on the dust jacket flaps. Wrap it up with a perfect photo for the back. Bring your story home.

Hardcover Benefits

Hardcover photobooks just give you more. The spine can be beautifully customised. Personalise each with the perfect title. Organize with colours. Start your very own set. Your collections of stories, with Motif.

With each hardcover photobook, a protective dust jacket is included.


Made to withstand the test of time.
Your photo memories will endure with our beautifully constructed, personalised photobooks. Our hardcover books are secured using a two-stage binding process. First, the pages are bound together using a high-quality adhesive. Then, hidden staples are added for enhanced durability. They also feature anti-scratch, anti-scuff lamination to protect its exterior. Your cherished memories, preserved for generations to come.
Custom Apple Photo Albums of Your Most Favorite Memories

Paper. We Use the Best.

So your story will have the best canvas.

Your memories deserve the best, so we use premium paper for your photobook. Our papers provide true whiteness, bright colours, and no image bleed on the reverse side. So your photos are presented with optimal vibrancy. The silk finish makes for a smooth turn of each page. It’s a difference you can feel when you touch the page.

As the leading global supplier to Apple Photos, Motif uses the same quality of paper and materials used in previous Apple Photos products.

We Deliver Joy, to Your Doorstep

Your cherished memories arrive with respect, care, and in style.

Motif ships your custom photo projects in a work of art in itself. Our high-quality, multiple layered, corrugated shipping containers thoughtfully protect your cherished emories. A premium matte sleeve stylishly presents while also protecting your personalised photo album.

Our Custom Apple Picture Albums Come with a Protective Sleeve
Protective Sleeves
Corrugated Shipping Containers Protect Your Customized Apple Picture Books
Shipping Box
Making products that last with the planet in mind.

Share and enjoy your favourite moments with a happy heart knowing we’re deeply committed to using sustainable, durable materials. We constantly strive to minimize our carbon footprint. See more of our efforts by visiting here.

Try Motif Now. We Promise You’ll Love It.