Edit Project

Theme selection & autoflow(1:07)

  1. Once your images have been selected for use in your photo project tap Next to choose the Theme for your book.
  2. Select the Theme which best represents the story you want to tell.
  3. If you didn’t choose to have Motif curate your photos you’ll be asked if you’d like Motif to automatically layout your book with your chosen photos.Curated projects are automatically layed out based on certain aesthetic criteria.
  4. If you want to manually select each photo on each page tap “Do It Myself.” Your project will feature the layout of the theme you have chosen, but you’ll find that there are no images yet inserted. 
  5. If you then decide you’d like some help, no problem, simply tap the Back button to return to the Theme Select menu.
  6. To have Motif automatically lay your book out for you, choose the Autoflow option.
  7. Voila! Our advanced placement feature has selected an optimal arrangement of your selected photos. 
  8. Remember, before you have made any edits to your book you can always go back and choose another theme by pressing the Back button.