Edit Project

Image Library and Book Options(0:57)

  1. At the bottom of the Project View, you will see two buttons: Image Library and Book Options.
  2. Tap the Image Library button to see the image tray. The image tray will display all the images which have been sourced for your project.
  3. On the right hand side of the tray you can filter the tray to display All Images, Placed Images, Unplaced Images, or Add Images
  4. Toggling these filters will help you determine how your selected photos have been utilized within your current project. 
  5. Tapping Book Options allows you to modify the settings you picked when you started your book. 
  6. Here you can Add a Two-Page Spread, Rearrange or Delete Pages, Change your Book Format, or Change your Theme.
  7. We’ll go into these functions in greater depth in later videos.
  8. Next, we’ll look at the specific editing options available in Motif’s Edit Page View.